Challenge Web App: Scavenger Hunt Games Management SAAS.


A CMS interface developed for streamlined creation, management, editing, and deletion of hunts and tasks. Displaying the range of actions that administrators can undertake, including adding bonuses, removing players, approving task submissions, and more.


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The Web App offers an array of powerful features that empower managers to effortlessly generate bespoke themes tailored to each game they oversee. With this functionality, managers can unleash their creativity and design stunning, fully responsive interfaces that adapt seamlessly to all device types.
More Projects

Guilds NFT: NFT Based Social Groups.

Guilds can be used to crowdfund giveaways while also growing an audience, for instance you could give away an NFT worth 1 ETH (~$1,500) and sell 50 spots for the raffle for 0.02 ETH each (~$30) or more, that way you grow your Guild by 50 people and cover the costs of the giveaway at the same time, you can even make a profit doing that.

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GhostWriter: Voice AI Diary App.

This application utilizing complex technologies such as SSE (Server Side Events), API integrations, Polyfills and many more. The app lets you create multiple conversations with an AI model and filter those conversations by keywords.

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